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8:30 am to 5:00 pm

12925 Alcosta Blvd. #6
San Ramon, CA 94583-1341

Customer Service

Our customer service staff are responsible for building strong relationships with our ever-expanding client base. They work on the front line to ensure that every estimate and order is handled professionally and meets the quality expectations of our clients. Here are just some of the functions a team of customer service reps can oversee and foster to make your project gets done correctly

- Efficient order taking , understanding specifications and how it relates to equipment, budgets and ultimately the end result
- Quality Assurance - quality check points established
- Coordination of files - whether it from FTP site-website site, email programs, mail and physically dropped off - managing files are critical
-Your job no matter how small or large needs some degree of project management implimentation
- Most important is the personal client relationship that is developed to ensure that from step A to Z, things are done right

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